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Record Your Voice

Record & play your voice

Your children love bedtime stories and fairy tales — even more when you read? No problem. You can record your own voice and read the stories to your children even when you are not with them.

The narrations in our fairy tales are beautiful, soothing and mellow, but children who prefer to hear the voices of their mom, dad, or grandmother can have their wish come true.

Best Classic Fairytales

Funny voices narration

The Ugly Duckling and Little Red Riding Hood can talk like a robot, and the Magic Mirror replies in a chipmunk’s voice?

Wow! Kids will love this! Have a great time, and lots of laughs, trying all the funny voices out with your children.

Educational Messages

Educational messages

Each fairy tale comes with educational messages that teach your kids important life lessons and values.

Kids identify with characters from books and cartoons, and will adopt good habits and values much more easily if their favorite characters are behaving the same way. And all our main characters behave well, we swear.

Robot Voices

20 Best Classic Fairytales

FairyTalesBook proudly presents 20 of the most popular and loved fairy tales for children, including Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and The Ugly Duckling – all in one place.

The original storylines will make your kids enjoy these classic fairy tales even more. Our fairy tales contain no violence or scenes that may scare your children.

Bonus Features

Available in several languages

Little Red Riding Hood or Caperucita Roja? Snow White or Schneewittchen? Each fairy tale is available in English, Spanish and German. Each language is available as a separate app.

This is an excellent opportunity for your children to learn new language by reading and listening to their favorite fairy tale.

No Ads

No annoying ads

Don't you hate it when an annoying ad interrupts precious time with your child? We do too! That's why we kicked ads out of our app.

Your child won’t be able to click on ads and navigate away from the fairy tale or make unwanted purchases.

Autoplay Fairytales

Play fairy tales automatically

Of course your kids want to listen to fairy tales on long, boring drives! You might not have your hands free, but you can still make it happen. Our fairy tales have an auto-play feature that allows you to play fairy tales to your children even if you’re busy.

Auto-play comes to the rescue when you are cleaning the house or writing business reports, but your children demand their bedtime story right away.